Royal Mail introduces Mailmark and the brand New Postage Rates for 2016.

Mailmark Introduced by the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail's long awaited introduction of Mailmark and the new postage rates for 2016 have finally arrived. Mailmark is the coming of a brand new generation of your franking insignia. To replace the traditional 'town and crown' print. It is to be replaced with a 2D Bar code which will hold information regarding the sender, receiver and the mail-piece itself for the Royal Mail to access.

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Mailmark has finally arrived.

But what exactly is Mailmark anyway?

Mailmark is a brand new addition to Royal Mail Franking services

Franking is a way of making your parcels and letters look and feel more professional. Mailmark adds to that and creates a truly unique image. Learn all about our Franking services and if they are right for your business.

Mailmark is New

Mailmark is a brand new addition to the current franking system. It will not replace it till many more people have taken to it to ensure a much smoother transition. Mailmark will replace the current franking insignia as demonstrated on the left with a bar code to contain information regarding the sender, receiver and the Mail item itself to ensure that the Royal Mail can now which way is best to approach your mail item. However for those that are interested in accessing the benefits of Mailmark will be required to either get a upgrade to a Mailmark compatible franking machine or to purchase or rent a brand new one.
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Royal Mail Mailmark for franking machine users

Royal Mail Mailmark offers a brand new insignia that can be printed on your mail. The new insignia is a basic 2d bar code which will allow for greater information to be stored to describe the mail item and to ensure that the royal mail treat it as appropriately.
Mailmark Information Sheet
Mailmark online Information slider
New Mailmark Envelope franking layout

Mailmark might be for you!

Mailmark will be available to many different types of businesses from summer of 2014. Some of those that will be able to benefit from Mailmark at launch are;
  • Retail customers who are using low / unsorted or franking options for letters and large letters.
  • Customers of access who are sending out machinable letters and / or large letters.
  • Responsive service based customers and business mail advance users.
Mailmark information sheet

More Information Regarding Royal Mail Mailmark

General Summary of Mailmark

Definition of Mailmark
Mailmark is a brand new attempt by the Royal Mail to bring franking to the 21st century by re-imagining the traditional insignia of 'town and crown' as a 2D bar code and enabling the mail to hold important information for the Royal Mail. Which in turn allows potential to track the location and delivery status of your mail along with much improved reports and tariff management. Although Mailmark is currently optional Royal Mail will be attempting to make it a staple hold for all mail in the future. Therefore for those that wish to sit out this new technology for a while until its mandatory worry not as you will not be forced to use the new Mailmark bar code insignia until much later.

Your mail gets smart with Mailmark

With Mailmark your mail gets these benefits;
  • Easier access to certain Royal Mail products and services.
  • Help further improve endeavors by the Royal Mail with information.
  • Modernized professional image displayed on your mail.
  • Bring an end to 'posting out of area'.

Never overpay on postage again with Mailmark

Mailmark will bring along with it automatic postage rate updates.
  • No more surcharges helping you avoid dissatisfaction from your customers and additional costs.
  • Simple updates to your tariffs
  • A much more accurate product selections available
  • Tariff differential automatically expected.
  • Mailmark will always be the cheapest way to send out your mail.

Will I benefit from Mailmark?

Mailmark will currently heavily benefit;
  • Retail Customers who use low or unsorted franking options for letters of normal and large size.
  • Machinable letter and large letter sending Access customers.
  • Customers of both Responsive Services as well as Business Mail Advanced.

What do I need to do for Mailmark if I already have a franking machine?

Mailmark is not mandatory yet but we recommend getting prepared.
As we have stated Mailmark is not yet mandatory and will not be for many years to come but as with all new technologies we recommend that you get prepared for Mailmark as soon as possible with a brand new Mailmark franking machine. We say this not to urge you to buy a franking machine but to make sure that you can save as much as you can and help increase the popularity of Mailmark and try to get everyone more and more benefits in the future. The Royal Mail will continue to update their Mailmark services and products.

All of the Mailmark benefits so far

Mailmark brings with it a large number of benefits for different businesses.
Benefits of Mailmark are expansive for all company types. We will separate it into business based sectors.
    Effective Mailmark benefits for business customers ;
  • Mailmark brings with it extra constant visibility for your mail and the performance of Royal Mail allowing you to make quicker and better business decisions.
  • Immediate notice when your mail reaches its destination allowing you to time your follow ups and other resources much more accurately.
  • Improve customer relations with a large reduction in gone-aways with information provided on the address quality.
  • Effective Mailmark benefits for mailing houses;
  • Immediately know when a problem occurs and why its occurred.
  • Increase your proof of quality with highly efficient mail reports.
  • Allows for a superior targeted adjustment system.
  • Easy to use means the ability to allow you to attract more customers.
  • Effective Mailmark benefits for advertisers and agencies;
  • Improve contact center scheduling and communications across all forms of marketing campaigning media with additional information generated by Mailmark.
  • Easily compare the effectiveness of your mailing when compared to other forms of media.
  • Reduce the amount of mail that is returned with greater accuracy allowing you to increase your reach.
These benefits will be beneficial to all companies that mail and more so for those that send at least 30,000 letters or / and 5000 large letters of more.
To become Mailmark enabled simply purchase a brand new Mailmark franking machine and we will get it sorted out for you.

Postage Prices for Mailmark Customers

Mailmark prices have been announced along with the new postage rates for 2016.
Keep an eye on our postage rates 2016 page to ensure that you are aware of the Mailmark postage rates as well as the new postage rates for stamps and normal franking.

Got any Questions regarding Mailmark

Mailmark is a brand new feature for the future of franking and we are sure that you have many questions.
For answers to all of your questions regarding Mailmark please feel free to visit our frequently asked questions Section to ensure that you can get the answers you need as soon as possible. We will continue to add to our frequently asked questions page if we are contacted on a large bases about a specific field to do with the Royal Mail's future plans.

Who's involved with Mailmark?

Mailmark is a brand new impressions being implemented by the royal mail and will be assisted by all mail room equipment suppliers.
The Royal Mail have been working collaboratively with several companies ranging from Mailing houses to software and hardware suppliers and maintainers. Working with over 5 large UK companies to ensure that the launch of Mailmark is great and smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mailmark

Why is Mailmark being introduced now?

The Royal Mail have been building up to this point for many years.
Thanks to the latest technology advancements the Royal Mail believe now is the best time to introduce Mailmark as it will allow for a brand new change to the new postage rates that will be announced in the coming weeks. To keep an eye on the 2016 postage rates please visit our page.

How much have the Royal Mail personally invested in to Mailmark?

The Royal Mail have so far invested over £70 million.
Mailmark is officially the Royal Mail's largest mailing investment ever as they have so far invested over £70 million in getting Mailmark launched and will continue to add extra investments into Mailmark as it progresses.

Is there any chance i could preview a Mailmark report for customers?

Yes just get in touch.
We will be able to assist you to help you get a customer report preview so just get in touch with the link at the bottom of the page.

How difficult is it to apply for Mailmark?

Its really simple.
There are two ways to apply for Mailmark at the moment. The first being by contacting your franking machine supplier or maintainer and asking for a update to get you Mailmark enabled. The second being getting in touch will the Royal Mail themselves at .

What Mailing items will I be able to use

Theres mainly two types of mailing items.
With Mailmark you will be able to use first and second class letters as well as large letters. You will be able to use other mail item pieces along with your Mailmark frank but you will only get a price benefit for letters as well as large letters. With letters and large letter you could save up to an additional 2p per item.

Are there any technical changes?

You will need to be Mailmark compatible.
Other than upgrading from a normal franking machine to a Mailmark compatible franking machine there should be no issues as you will be able to begin printing using the new insignia as soon as you are set up.

Is a Mail piece redesign necessary?

Their are a new set of Mailmark mail piece design guidelines however most already aim to such guidelines and will be perfectly fine as long as they change their insignia but if you do need to change your redesign simply ask your franking machine supplier or maintainer as they will be able to come up with a design that is similar to what you are using at the moment but with the new mark.

How to include the Mailmark bar code onto my mail item?

Get in touch with your franking machine supplier.
To include the Mailmark bar code onto your mail item all you will need to do is apply for a Mailmark compatible franking machine and then simply ask us or any of your other franking machine supplier's or maintainers to help you print the new bar code.

Will I need to manually update my franking machine?

To get the new rates - yes.
To ensure that the Royal Mail accept your mail item you will need to ensure that your franking machine is up to date with the latest Mailmark prices but once that is done it will become automatic for all years to follow.

Will any additional software or hardware be needed?

Software - No, Hardware - Yes.
You will not need any additional software to use Mailmark however as stated several times you will be required to use a Mailmark compliant / compatible franking machine in order to print the new bar code frank. So you might be required to purchase a new franking machine.

Will I need accreditation to use Mailmark?

There is no requirement to have accreditation to use Mailmark.

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